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Barbed wire is the go-to product for cattle and livestock fencing projects. ... If you need a barbed wire that won't sag or stretch over time is easy to install and is...【Get Price】

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Pipe and Cable Fencing & Supplies. Permantent Fencing for Perimeter or Livestock Fencing. ... Do Not Stretch Over 2" of Original Length $ 17.00/ ea.【Get Price】

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... is of key importance to a good fence. This video demonstrates the best way to install barbed wire and ensure you h... ... How to Stretch Barbed Wire Fencing...【Get Price】

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Product Overview. Makes it easy to stretch fence wire; Supports up to 1000 pounds; Durable cast iron construction. Model #: 8050-10. Internet #: 100120453. The...【Get Price】

How to stretch fence wire

12 Jan 2020 ... The Serca Fence strainer is the EASIEST to use wire fence straining tool on the market today. It eliminates the frustration typically associated...【Get Price】

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12.5 gauge hi-tensile wire will stretch about 2% of its length - then it will return to initial tension. We must allow this to happen! Now 2% doesn't sound like much...【Get Price】

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Made for cable fencing and designed to keep fence tight after installation is complete. ... yields minimal stretch making this cable perfect for fencing applications.【Get Price】

How to Tension a Chicken Wire Fence | Wire Fence

2 Jul 2018 ... STEP 1) Stretch the Chicken Wire Past the Post · Stand just past the post that doesn't have the chicken wire attached to it · Using gloves slide your...【Get Price】

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When end and corner assemblies are constructed correctly a few line posts can actually fail without affecting the fence as a whole and breaks in fencing wire...【Get Price】

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It is a 140 foot fence that has strained cable wire and also stretched chainwire. The fence has a crest in the middle and a gully/valley just past midway. Always in...【Get Price】

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Stretch the fence slowly making sure tension is being applied evenly to all points. Continue stretching until tension curves in the wire are straightened about one-...【Get Price】

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HomeAdvisor's Barb Wire Fence Guide provides average prices by foot or roll of ... depend on how much tension you want your wire to withstand as it stretches.【Get Price】

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The principle of wire fences is that they are supported mainly by tension being stretched between heavy strutted or guy-wired posts at...【Get Price】

How to Stretch a Fence with a Come Along

21 Apr 2018 ... Danny shows how to stretch a fence with a come-along because the fence is not clean and he can't pull it with the tractor. You can hook the...【Get Price】


manufacturers supply a variety of fence heights wire sizes and wire spacings to ... Anchor corner and stretch posts must be wood but line posts may be wood or...【Get Price】

Stretching A Woven Wire Fence

11 Jun 2013 ... In this video I am stretching a woven wire fence. I show you how to use a fence stretcher designed for woven...【Get Price】

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7 Aug 2020 ... Stretching a woven wire fence: Decide if you will stretch the fence to the end post or center stretch. Staples in line posts should be installed...【Get Price】

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I bought this to stretch barbed wire. It does a great job of stretching the wire but it is hard to get the wire in the jaws. I think it was made for plain wire.【Get Price】

How to Install a Wire Fence on Uneven Ground

15 Aug 2019 ... With hinge joints that allow for adaptation to variation in the landscape and indented wire that can easily stretch to fit a field's shape this type of...【Get Price】


The Serca Fence strainer is the EASIEST to use wire fence straining tool on the market today. It eliminates the frustration typically associated with conventional...【Get Price】

How to Stretch Fence Tension Wire

26 Sep 2017 ... Place a brace band on the post and attach by tightening the bolt with pliers at 1 inch above ground level. Cut the wire with wire cutters 6 inches...【Get Price】

Electric Fence Installation - Construction Tips

Install at least one permanent fence tightener shown in the image on the right on every single stretch of electric fence so you can adjust wire tension and take up...【Get Price】

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It commonly occurs after the fence is complete. So do not assume that since the terminal post is still plumb that you have not over stretched the wire. Only stretch...【Get Price】

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For instance over a quarter mile stretch you'll need at least one and probably two H braces in the line of your fence. Stretching Barbed Wire. With brace posts set...【Get Price】

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Fence stretchers are used to provide the proper amount of tension on wire fences. ... the wire to the brace post and re-clamp to the partially stretched wire if your...【Get Price】

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8 Aug 2018 ... If you have access to a vehicle with a winch you could use that to stretch the wire rope. You could use a fence stretcher. These are intended for...【Get Price】

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Products 1 - 31 of 31 ... We supply two different types of cable: 12ga black vinyl coated braided steel cable 1200lb breaking strength; 8ga black solid stretch...【Get Price】

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(2) tension or pull in stretching the wire fence. In order to find the answer to these and other curved fence questions a research program was started in October...【Get Price】

Farm Fence End and Corner Design

Hazen. (5) placed a dynamometer in a standard 832·6·9 woven wire fence at the time of stretching and the loads for two separate stretches were 2300 pounds...【Get Price】

What is a Fence Stretcher and Stretching Fence

25 Jun 2015 ... This is useful for building or repairing wire fence around your property. ... a Fence Stretcher 02:35 Stretch Wire Starting at the Gate/Corner Post...【Get Price】

Chapter 11 Fencing

This fencing consists of 3/8-inch steel wire cables stretched between an- chor posts. Fence height varies from 60 inches for a four-cable fence to 72 inches for a six...【Get Price】

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31 Jul 2019 ... Use a rope fence puller to remove most of the slack in the fence wire. Attach the end of your come-along to the post by wrapping the cable around...【Get Price】

How to Stretch Barbed Wire Fencing

26 Aug 2014 ... Stretching Barbed Wire Proper wire tension is of key importance to a good fence. This video demonstrates the best way to install barbed wire...【Get Price】

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Slip one end of the wire through the closest hole in the T-post and pull the other end around to meet it. Twist the wires together a couple times and then wrap the...【Get Price】

How to Stretch Welded Wire Fence Material |

29 Jul 2010 ... If you are trying to learn how to work with a welded wire fence and make it stretch you first have to know how to install it. This type of fencing...【Get Price】

Tips for building good cable feedlot fence — Aurochs Consulting

8 Feb 2019 ... A long stretch of cable fence. Strong ends make or break the fence. A key to cable fence is tight cables. The key to...【Get Price】

Barb-wire fence? You've got to brace it correctly | Beef Magazine

28 Mar 2017 ... Here are some tips from a full-time fence builder on how to string steel so it lasts long enough for ... We try not to stretch wire through low places.【Get Price】

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A choice between the two styles is primarily a personal preference. HT.1.3a.jpg (63029 bytes). Fig. 3a. Woven Wire Woven wire fencing provides for an excellent...【Get Price】

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Wire placement. Fencing and top deterrent (barb wire) should be installed according to Figure 3. Stretching wire. Woven wire shall be stretched tight with no sags...【Get Price】

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... How to Install Bottom Wire (Optional) | How to Stretch Chain Link Fabric | How to ... Step 3 - Intermediate stakes may be required for longer stretches of fence.【Get Price】

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